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Venice lido tourism, cultural events, beach and sports

Venice is such a unique, wonderful city! But Lido has something else to offer a tourist, after he spent a whole day walking through its labyrinth-like “calli”(Venetian typical narrow streets) and watching its stony beauties along with a crowd of other tourists. He deserves some relaxation and Lido is the right place! Venice Lido is the quiet, peaceful and green thin island that stretches between open sea and lagoon, which is only 10 minutes away from S. Mark's square, both by public or private transportation, or half an hour by ferryboat's ride leaving from Tronchetto.

Venice Lido is least crowded and therefore most enjoyable seaside resort of the whole upper Adriatic, just because its beach is spread all along its 12-km length.

A stay on the Lido will let you breathe Venice's charm and in the meanwhile enjoy a special atmosphere : the island represents the ideal place for those who want to mix cultural tourism and a vacation by the sea.