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The Beach

The Lido Beach

The Beach and its numerous dikes

The BEACH it’s really unique because of its thin, golden sand, its slowly sloping bed which allows children to enjoy the sea and last but not least, the clean, quiet water, protected by all the dikes built by every private baths.

You can choose the public baths of S.Nicolò or Alberoni, with their typical sandhills, or the free rocks at the Murazzi in Malamocco, or even the most elegant and organized private baths in the central part of Lido: anyone’s taste can be satisfied.

The first private baths were built in 1857 at the end of the path connecting S.Maria Elisabetta to the sea. They were the “Big baths on the sea waves”: for the first time this part of the island began to be crowded with tourists and year after year Lido got the surname of “Golden Island.”

The first private beach clubs

The beach-hut (CAPANNA) has always been very peculiar on Lido’s beach: it’s a special beach cabin with a veranda and a sun-curtain in the front, which is an absolute new invention for the beach life. This allows the whole family to stay all day long at the beach, women can leave their children in the safe shades or have some chats with the neighbours.

But the beach hut can also keep everybody’s privacy away from curious eyes. Moreover, there is no need of sun umbrellas and therefore everybody can enjoy the sea bank.

With its colours, its atmosphere, its scented avenues with so many new or old hotels, its liberty-style houses with nice gardens and its historical evidences, Lido really is an all-year-long unique place: after a visit of Venice this island can truly offer a tourist all he deserves: the absolute quietness and rest in a beautiful green scenery.